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Playtime, crafts & activities, Sakhis, Mighty Khalsa nursery rhymes & KIDDIE Sangat
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Sehaj Path aka Sadharan Path is path that is enchanted from the beginning to the end with no time limit. To book program, contact us.

Stay connected with Punjabi Culture and Language by learning with us.

Gauri Sukhmani path for peace of mind in life. The path comprises of twenty-four astpadis (cantos). To book service, contact us.

Sikh Marriage Ceremony in the presence of Almighty. Anand karaj has deep and spiritual meaning. Please contact us for Anand Karaj at Gurdwara Sahib.

Uninterrupted and non-stop recital of Guru Granth Sahib till the end. To book program, contact us.

This includes the enchanting of “Nitnem Banis” in the morning and in the evening.

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